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    Welcome to Buoncasa. We are now online!   Here I hope to update any recent wins so please come back every now and then to see our progress.   Irish Ch. Buoncasa Bruichladdich (Ir Jun Ch) ( aka Marti) Border Union 19.06 11  -  2nd AVNSC Toy Open Dog  Judge  Les Aspin We have just returned [...]


About Us


I have had the privilege of owning these superb Italian companion dogs since 1996.  During that time I have added to my ‘collection’ through a careful breeding programme.  Primarily I believe in breeding for temperament, soundness of structure, improvement and adherence to the breed standard.

I have successfully shown at all levels in the UK & Eire including Crufts gaining many 1st places, Green Stars & CACIB’s.

My Bolognese are always raised in a family environment which undoubtedly reflects in their attitude to life.


 Breed Profile


 Bolognese are wonderful little dogs to live with who form strong bonds with their owners.  They love the company of people – especially children – and socialise well with other animals.  The Bolognese is not a yappy breed but as they have acute hearing they can sometimes bark for no apparent reason.  Intelligence in another forte, when is come to training they respond very well.

They are realtively low-maintenance, with no inherent health problems, low dog odour, only requiring their coats to be combed 2 – 3 times per week to remove any dead hair as they are a non-shedding breed, thus making them suitable companions for allergy sufferers.

Bolognese will love to accompany you on long walks but will be equally happy to run around the garden instead. Their flexibilty and ability to adjust to family routines makes the an ideal choice of companion.